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Common Questions

SpotSafe is designed by Anglerhub to keep your fishing spots safe and private.Your information is saved only on your Android device unless you purposely make a backup, export or “share” file, attach the file to an email, then send the email.No one else, including us, can see your data.We recommend you make backups regularly in case you lose, break or upgrade your phone.

Not when you know how. :-)  SpotSafe makes it as easy as possible for you to add, remove, edit, backup, export and share some or all of your spots and catches. There are a lot of menu options to help you do this.

Tap the 3 lines at upper left on the map page to open the navigation drawer, then tap “Settings.” Tap “Spot creator name” to enter the name that will identify who created spots that you share.  Tap the back arrow to return to the map page.  Explore the other entries on the navigation drawer and the options in the drop down menu launched by tapping the 3 dots at the upper right.(Note that the drop down menu entries change when spots are selected.)Try selecting one or more spots and tapping the different menu options.


Hold a finger on the map until the marker pops out from underneath your finger. If the marker doesn’t pop out from under your finger, touch and hold it again until it does.  Keeping your finger on the map, slide the spot into place, then release it.


To add a spot where you are (where your Android device is), make sure your GPS is on. Tap the 3 circles at the upper right of your screen and select Log Current Location in the drop-down menu. 


Backup and import files are provided as email attachments and must first be downloaded by opening the email and tapping the file name. If SpotSafe does not launch automatically, open SpotSafe and and select Spot Vault in the navigation menu, then follow the instructions.


Spots shared with you arrive as email attachments and should be downloaded and are entered as for Restores.

Select a single marker on the map then go to the spot edit page by tapping the box that appears.  On the spot edit page, you can enter a thumbnail image by tapping the camera icon and choosing Pick (from existing photos) or Take (using your camera). Back in SpotSafe you can rotate, slide or enlarge the photo to get the view you want then tap Save.

All catches are associated with spots.On the spot edit page, tap Catch Log then ADD. Enter information or tap the camera icon to enter a thumbnail image.Be sure to tap SAVE to keep the catch!

On the spot edit page tap Catch Log to see a list of catches entered for that spot.In the catch list, tap the top right arrow to edit a catch or the bottom right [X] then DEL to delete the catch.

Currently there are 5 main marker types:


Orange with a central dot is a spot that you own and might be willing to share.  You can lock these spots on the spot edit page, in order to prevent sharing them by mistake.


Red with a central lock outline is a spot that you own and are not willing to share. You can unlock these spots on the spot edit page, in order to share them.


Red with central people outlines is a spot that someone else shared with you. You cannot share these spots with anyone else and you can change only some parts of the information.


When a catch is associated with a spot, the interior of the spot changes to a fish outline.


When a marker is selected, it is outlined by a yellow ring.

Generally, you will want to save Everything.  Images take more memory space than other information, so you can save space and time by deselecting images.  You can save catches by themselves to add to spots already on another device.  Images have to be saved with the spots or catches they are associated with.

Yes.  Export spots from your unit to a gpx file (as waypoints if you are asked). The easiest way to get the file to SpotSafe is to attach it to an email to yourself and download it on your Android device.  In SpotSafe, go to the Spot Vault and tap to see the gpx files in your directory. Tap the file to launch the import. (Hold your finger on the file to delete it.)Lake names generally are not included in the gpx file. After import, select the new markers on the map and use Rename Selected to enter the names for all of them at once.

Select the spots that you want to share then tap Share Selected in the drop-down menu. Use one of three methods:


This will take a screenshot after hiding all the unselected, locked and unowned spots. Choose to Send Output By messaging. This is the way to share spots with anglers that do not have SpotSafe.


This option will generate a file. Choose to Send output by email. The recipient downloads the file, which is entered automatically.


If you want to share spots with no restrictions, use Backup and send the email to the person you want to share with. It's a good idea to edit the file name before sending, to make it easier to understand.Locked spots and unowned spots cannot be shared by the first two methods.

Yes, just change your preferences in Settings and all the affected numbers and text will be updated accordingly.

Yes. In the navigation menu select Send Feedback to send an email.

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