How do I add new spots?


Hold a finger on the map until the marker pops out from underneath your finger. If the marker doesn’t pop out from under your finger, touch and hold it again until it does.  Keeping your finger on the map, slide the spot into place, then release it.


To add a spot where you are (where your Android device is), make sure your GPS is on. Tap the 3 circles at the upper right of your screen and select Log Current Location in the drop-down menu. 


Backup and import files are provided as email attachments and must first be downloaded by opening the email and tapping the file name. If SpotSafe does not launch automatically, open SpotSafe and and select Spot Vault in the navigation menu, then follow the instructions.


Spots shared with you arrive as email attachments and should be downloaded and are entered as for Restores.


Marty Rowland

Easy to Use Wow this app is really easy to use. A friend agreed to share some of his spots with me today and it could not be simpler to open them in the app. I spent less money on this app than on that spool of braid I had to buy today! I'm convinced it will help me improve my fishing.